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Wentworth Golf Course

Wentworth Map_23.jpg

The Wentworth Golf Course is an eighteen-hole course with twenty-two sand bunkers, three dams, new trees and a small pine forest. Since the amalgamation with Orange Ex-Services' Club, extensive work has been invested into improving and upgrading this challenging course.

Over the past year, Orange Ex-Services' Club has...


  • Made upgrades to the watering system with a new ring main, installation of fairway watering with a new pump house and upgrades to assist with the water issue in the hollow on the 9th fairway.


  • Worked extensively on the rehabilitation works on greens, tees, and fairways.

  • Made changes to golf holes are finalised. These include the 4th, 5th and 8th Holes.

  • Commenced the ongoing project of new cart path construction, both concrete and gravel.

  • Invested in maintenance & upgrades to all existing machinery.

  • Orange Ex-Services' Club will continue to improve the course and its aesthetic appeal throughout the construction phase of the new Wentworth development. 

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