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In May 2019, a fire tore down the Wentworth Clubhouse, leaving members, the golfing community and Wentworth devastated. The amalgamation of Orange Ex-Services’ Club brought on a number of aids to the struggling Golf Club with a temporary Clubhouse constructed, significant course upgrades underway and financial and membership support to assist the Club to become what it is today.  

Over the past two years, Orange Ex-Services’ Club has seen significant development with major construction and improvement to OESC and its venues. The Board of Directors and Management team are pleased that with the support of Orange City Council, we are able to make these significant developments to benefit the Orange community and provide OESC members and guests with a range of venues to enjoy for years to come.

These developments include a state-of-the-art complex at Wentworth for the entire community to enjoy. Extensive Golf Course improvements have been made, which will transform the golf course over the coming years. Whilst these improvements have caused disruption to play for our members, this significant investment will establish Wentworth as a prime golfing and social destination for our members and the Orange community. Orange Ex-Services’ Club has committed to ensuring the Wentworth project is a successful venture. The Board of Directors and Management would also like to thank all the Members for their ongoing support and patience throughout this development process.

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The Layout

The Wentworth Development is a two-level complex that has a number of new features and facilities that Wentworth and OESC members and their guests will be able to enjoy.  Some of these new facilities will include...

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