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Wenty Weekend Update

A decision has been made today to allow carts on the course this weekend.

It goes without saying the course is still extremely wet in many areas however, if carts are kept on paths where available, everyone will be able to complete their round without an issue.

The rough between the 2nd tee and the start of the 2nd fairway is extremely wet, and the left-hand side of the 4th hole (which is now quite an expansive area) is also extremely wet. Please stick to the right-hand side and the path at all times.

The 8th and 9th holes have received extensive drainage work over the last two weeks, and members must keep their carts on the path at all times.

The path from the 9th green to the front tee on the 10th has had some drainage work done during the week, and members are asked to proceed with caution. The drive from the 10th tee to the fairway has received some refurbishment to ensure carts can get to the fairway safely. This path may also have to be used once completing the 18th hole.

This all may mean you have to walk a little more than usual however it is currently the only way to complete your round of golf in a safe manner.

Both events this weekend will be 16-hole (14th and 15th remain out of play) stroke rounds for their respective Monthly Medals.


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