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Wenty Weekend Update - 4/11/22

Attention Members,

Due to the recent rain, we are again forced to not allow carts on the course tomorrow.

To give everyone an understanding of the situation, the front nine has drained quite well, although there are still several areas of concern. The back 9 has two key areas (not including the 14th and 15th) of concern that we simply cannot avoid currently, and these areas are:

• Gaining access to the 10th fairway. The left-hand rough between 10 and 18 is extremely wet in certain areas, and a clear path from the 10th tee to the fairway and beyond is unachievable.

• The front area of the 13th is also of concern and the access from the 13th green to the 16th tee has been heavily affected by the rain.

We will stick with Monthly Medals for both events on the weekend.

A course inspection will be done Sunday morning to see if carts can get on the course on Sunday. This 'day by day' course inspection for cart usage will be the process in play for the foreseeable future.

We understand the frustration this notice brings, it is not financially viable for anyone concerned, but we must do what needs to be done to protect the golf course to the best of our ability.

As always, we ask if you now do not wish to play, we ask that you delete your name from the booking portal. There are plenty of Members who walk the course each Saturday and we want to ensure everyone gets a game without having to wait for players who don't turn up due to carts being off.

Thank you.


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